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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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next 24 hours. >> who dat? >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> how is that hope and change stuff working out for you. [ applause ] >> bill: sarah palin headlines the tea party convention and the press doesn't like it. >> she came across to me as a merchant of hate. >> bill: we'll have analysis from brit hume. >> playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend said. >> this is the worst super bowl party ever. >> you are just saying that because i'm here. >> bill: bernie goldberg runs down the super bowl ads. [howling] >> bill: including the tim tebow brouhaha. >> have you ruled out trying confessed 9/11 master mind khalid sheikh mohammed in new york city. >> bill: confronted over the khalid sheikh mohammed mess. we will show you what happened.
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caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a war breaks out over the tea party and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, the tea party held a convention in nashville over the weekend. sarah palin was the keynote speaker and spent some time defining the movement beginning with the president obama. >> there are many things that he is doing today that cause an uneasiness in many, many americans. i'm one of those who looks at the way that he is treating the trials of these terrorists kind of as, gosh, they are on a crime spree right now. no, we are in war. these are acts of war, these terrorists are committing. please hear us. congress, you have constitutional limits and we want you to adhere to those. we have free market principles that built our country. mr. president, we want you to remember those.
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>> bill: well, it took just moments after that before the left-wing media replied hammering governor palin. >> what we heard tonight was more a masterful exercise, masterful in paranoid politics. i mean, she came across to me as a merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile. >> bill: all of this is utterly predictable. the tea party people don't like the liberal vision of big government and want a tougher strategy on terrorism. the far-left media despises that. therefore, they must attack. >> the mainstream media hates the tea party movement almost as much as it hates sarah palin. the reason is simple. that's because both are a threat. palin is a threat down the road, whether it be in 2012 or beyond. the tea party is a threat because it is galvanizing republicans. >> bill: what bill sammon said is absolutely true. of course, he was attacked for saying it. nbc news correspondent chuck todd said, quote: come on bill
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sammon, an absurd attack and you know it that the mainstream media hates tea party movement? please. didn't expect a shot like that from you. after reading mr. todd's statement, the factor began to research the mainstream media's coverage of the tea party. we found only two. two positive comments amidst thousands of reports. one by the detroit news, the other by the associated press. two. i mean, is that stunning or what? the establishment media cannot even admire the spirit of the movement, that is americans getting involved in trying to improve their country. look at it this way. you can disagree with the tea party all day long. but the spirit of honest citizen involvement in government is noble. is it not? yes, the tea party deal has elements of extremism. for example, i think the folks who push the birther nonsense are very misguided. but the american media will never embrace the tea party. why? generally speaking, they look down on the folks. you think you are dumb.
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the tea party is around and it's only going to get stronger. now for the top story tonight, joining from us arlington virginia is the executive editor of the aforementioned jim vand vandehei. you are not going to sit there and tell me out of the thousands of report on paper and television and in the newspapers two are positive for the tea party? >> bill, i don't buy that research to begin with. i don't know if you looked on we probably did scores of stories on the tea party. >> bill: it's impossible to do that i went and i said, no, establishment mainstream media. newspapers, television programs and radio like cbs news, world news roundup, that kind of thing thing. two. >> you.
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>> you are stunned. >> i'm not stunned. i know what politico does and our coverage has been comprehensive. i know the coverage of watching it from afar what other news organizations are doing. one late to the story. indisputable. once they did catch up to it, there was coverage of the movement itself. it's effect on politics. >> bill: massachusetts. >> in the run up to massachusetts. >> bill: part of your job is as a political big shot is not just to cover politics but to cover how the media covers it. >> absolutely. >> bill: i am telling you. >> we call them out when we see it. >> bill: you are not calling them out on this two positive reports amongst thousands of dispatches? two. >> i didn't do. bill sammon should not have made that comment. is he running your news division. >> bill: so what? that means he can't be an honest purveyor. >> chuck todd he thinks other white house reporters and political reporters hate the tea party movement and hate sarah palin? he has no clue. you won't be able to prove that
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charge to begin with. i think that most political reporters are looking at this as students of politics. like what's happening with the tea party movement vis-a-vis the massachusetts race. what happened in illinois? what was going to happen with the manifestation of that movement in that race? a lot of people have written about the effect it's had on the republican party, whether or not the purity test of the rnc meeting we just had and whether or not it would have an effect in illinois. i don't think those were negative stories. looking at it as a student of politics. >> bill: jim, i'm a simple man. you know i'm a simple man. >> as am i, bill. >> bill: you are talking way too fast for a simple man like me to comprehend what you just said. there is beyond simple. there have been two positive stories by the mainstream media among thousands of dispatches. we didn't say two negatives. we said two positives. bill sammon got out there and spoke honestly and said the following that the mainstream media, the established media, whatever you want to put on it, bernie goldberg calls it the
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lame stream media. they despise the tea party movement. they don't like it and they don't like sarah palin. the evidence is overwhelming in that direction because you don't have the amount of attention that the tea party people have gotten and only two positive stories. it's impossible. now,. >> again, i don't know what resource you are referring to. the statement was ridiculous. >> bill: what was ridiculous about sammon saying? >> because how does he know what other reporters hate the tea party movement? >> bill: he follows it just like you do. >> followed enough reporters to state that elm peer impirikly. >> bill: we have eyes? >> there is a million faults that the mainstream media has. but the fact that they hate the movement. they might not understand the movement. >> bill: do you not watch msnbc and cnn? >> i try. >> bill: both of those networks, top to bottom, even a guy like anderson cooper who is normally fair disparaged the tea party in
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an obscene way and had to apologize. okay? this is bull, jim. you are just not telling the truth here tonight. it's bull. >> how is it not telling the truth. i agree that early on there was not sufficient coverage of the movement. anderson cooper and a couple others. >> bill: not a couple legions. >> a couple made the remarks. as far as covering its effect on politics they are covering it seriously. how many had reporters at the tea party convention over the weekend? >> bill: they don't like it. >> okay. maybe they don't like it, bill. >> bill: not a maybe. >> say that bill sammon running a news division making the determination they hate. >> bill: he has the data to back it up, jim. >> what data does he have? >> bill: reportage is based on facts. we have the data to back it up. >> what facts? >> bill: two positives amidst thousands. two positives amidst thousands.
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game over. >> go to search tea parties. you tell me. we have a bunch of refugees from mainstream media who work here who cover the stuff seriously. find out how many of those are negative. i did the homework on that. i take it very seriously. but if mainstream media. >> bill: jim vand high, everybody. next on the run down, brit hume, reaction with to the tea party controversy. later, bernie goldberg runs down the super bowl ad. some of them were quite outrageous. upcoming.
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>> bill: continuing now with the stop stories. tea party convention and media reaction to it. this statement by the keynote speaker sarah palin has received some attention. >> why wouldn't you run for president? >> i would. i would if i believed that that is the right thing to do for our country and for the palin family, certainly, i would do so. >> bill: wow. joining us now from florida fox news senior am list brit hume. all right, the bill sammon thing annoys me because i think sammon is telling the truth and we spent a lot of time researching this thing and found two stories that have been positive and it's just hard to believe two out of thousands? yet, you can't convince jim vandehei of that. >> well, bill, it seems bill sammon has a point if you look at the blend of reporting and commentary on the tea party
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movement going back to its inception when it began to emerge as a force as jim vandehei acknowledged the mainstream media were very late to the story, very late to the party and didn't really begin to take it seriously until recently. i would say though that the coverage of late has been, at least the news coverage commentary aside, has been more neutral and more extensive and i think better than it was. i think there has been some improvement. >> bill: let me stop you there you are now in boca grandon the coast of florida living large. you and sammon and all the other washington bureau people in fox news, you guys, you know, you get around and you know the washington players. you know the press corps, you know the politicians. you can't sit there and tell me that the press corps in d.c. or new york or anywhere likes the tea party. they think they are a bunch of idiots who are out there causing trouble and they want to demean them. come on, that's the general tone. not everybody.
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but certainly it's the general tone. >> i think there is a pretty wide cultural divide between most washington journalists and most new york political journalists for that matter and the people who participated in the tea party movement. which is why i think, you know, so many of them find sarah palin so abrasive to them. in fact, i think that's been one of the wonders of the world in the last couple of years has been the shear force of the reaction to her. i think it manifests itself much more in the commentary than it does in the coverage but you see signs of it in the coverage as well as you point out very few really favorable stories about the tea party movement. certainly about her as well. >> bill: look, some of these tea party people are nuts. they are. they are crazy. i mean, we sent jesse waters down there and he puts the number at about 10% that are just loons, out of their mind. every group has that. but, when you go down and you see what the mainstream media does, covering the tea party.
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it's not gee, look at these people. they are taking the time, they are spending the money. they are getting involved with their go. even if you don't agree with them, that's a good thing. citizens get involved. citizens having energy on a cause of their country and you assume they're sincere, that's a good thing. you know, we don't get any of that, brit. and that's what i'm talking about. you don't have to agree with the movement, but just the fact that these people walk the walk, they don't get any respect. and sammon was highlighting that. >> well, i think also, bill, it's fair to make a comparison between the kind of coverage let's say the big antiwar demonstrations that went on during the last part of the -- last parts of the bush administration, the kind of coverage they got. they there would be a parade of extremists up on the platform saying the most remarkable things and the coverage media outlets would be focused on the nice couples and little families down in the crowd and civic -- >> bill: great analogy. >> you see a distinction between the way that movement was covered and the way this
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movement is covered. that's a fair point. >> bill: real quick. sarah palin, i know you have questions about her. is she rising her -- her stock rising or falling right now? >> i thought her performance with chris wallace was more impressive in terms of her command of material and information than i had seen in some of her other performances. she made it very clear in the course of that interview that she is working on that, that she is trying to bone up. that she is trying to become more conversant on national and international events. she has shown signs in that interview that she has begun to do it. i'm not sure she expresses it in the most eloquent of way. that's some of her appeal. >> bill: jackson wasn't that eloquent either, do you know what i'm talking about. >> exactly. >> bill: jack murtha, congressman from pennsylvania, passes away from complications from surgery he had. is there any way you can put him in perspective in 30 seconds? >> well, he had -- he was -- he had a great career in the sense here is a vietnam war vet who
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rose to become one of the most powerful members of congress in terms of defensive appropriations in particular. he was a very strong advocate of a strong national defense and a friend of the military for most of his career and honored by the navy for that in the end. along the way, however, when he turned against the war in iraq, he said some remarkably interpret things. he accused marines of severe war crimes murdering people in cold blood. it was a baseless charge he refused to apologize. pork barreler. he had a great distinguished career. >> bill: president obama addresses khalid sheikh mohammed in a presuper bowl interview. and, later, how did you like that tim tebow ad during the game? bernie goldberg has some thoughts coming up.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, president obama was interviewed by cbs news anchor katie couric a couple of hours before the super bowl game. an issue that is hurting him was discussed. >> you have ruled out trying confessed 9/11 master mind khalid sheikh mohammed in new york city? >> i have not ruled it out but i think it's important for us to take into account the practical, logistical issues involved. >> bill: translation, khalid sheikh mohammed will not be tried here in new york city. no way, no how, not gonna happen. joining us from reaction ellis henican and from washington mary katharine ham. mary katharine, here is my question for you. why do you think the president just doesn't say hey, i made a mistake, not going to happen, we are going to move the trial elsewhere. why the dance? >> well, i think it's this is like a lot of his proposals, major policy proposals. it was ostentatiously promised that he would do this. it was badly planned, it's been
5:22 am
poorly pitched to the american people. he is stuck in the same problem as he had with the gitmo closings, with health care with the transparency on c-span. bit bill look, it didn't work out the way we wanted it to. the acceptsivities of the city are, you know, we have to take into account the mayor doesn't want it, the police chief doesn't want it. we will move it some place else. he didn't do that. did you notice when it was first announced last november by holder, he, the president said hold made the decision. now he says i haven't decided yet. where is holder? >> he is saying the problem is that these local officials, you know, can't deal with the logistics. they should have talked to these guys before this happened. >> bill: yeah, they didn't talk to them. >> one barack obama has made this promise and he has had an issue with breaking promises especially to the left. >> bill: there is no way this guy is going to be tried. it's not going to happen. >> i think he remains sure that maybe he can convince us of this if he keeps talking about it. frankly i'm afraid he will give
5:23 am
another major policy address. >> bill: you know, i know, we all know this trial is not going to happen in new york city. so why won't the president just say, you know, we looked at it and we are taking a sensitivities of the city and move it elsewhere. why doesn't he just say that? >> i think you are probably right about the salesmanship but you are wrong about the principle. he actually believes that our system requires that people get a proper, open, decent american trial. he is going to make that happen. it may not be in new york. it may be in a different zip code. but that principle is going to be maintained. >> bill: that's my question. why doesn't he zip up the new york thing and go some place else? he won't zip it up? why not? he won't admit he made a mistake ever. >> he is letting the process play out. >> bill: what process? >> there is a process in place. >> bill: what process in place? >> you scoff at the process of justice. you know what? it is important to do this thing properly. >> bill: you are such a pinhead. >> it's important to do this properly. >> bill: congress passes a law. congress pass as law that says you can try these thugs in front
5:24 am
of military tribunals. that's a law. >> you didn't mind this when bush was doing it. >> bill: i minded it when anybody was doing it. >> american justice system. >> bill: i can't get a answer out of ellis. >> not one you like. >> bill: no. i can't get an answer why won't he admit it? i'm going to submit that president obama doesn't like to admit mistakes. a lot of us are like that. you know, i picked the super bowl wrong. i nit it but do i like to admit it? no. >> i could have helped you with that. >> bill: a lot of us don't like to admit mistakes. i think that's what it is all about. he has got to get out of new york city but he won't say he has got to get it out. mary katharine? >> also, who scoffs at the process. obama convict a guy who is supposed to have a presumption of innocence. if you do bring anymore had civilian court you can't say him you are going to let him go in the end and respect the process. those two don't go together. >> bill: do you respect the american people, henican. >> sure, every day. >> bill: do me a favor. you write a dopey column in news
5:25 am
day. >> no a very fine column. i appreciate the -- >> bill: i want you to do a poll among long island readers the seven who read your column. >> maybe 7 million, maybe. >> bill: you pose the question would you prefer a military tribunal for khalid sheikh mohammed and his thugs or civilian court? will you do it. >> i'm going to predict what's going to happen? a lot of people don't want a civilian. >> bill: correct. most. >> justice is never popular. sometimes it's even expensive. but in our system we don't put it to a vote, my friend. >> bill: wait a minute. we have a law. >> we don't vote it. >> bill: we have a constitution. and the legislature made a law. >> right. >> bill: saying this is legal. got that? you got that part of it? >> i'm clear on that. but i want you to join me in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth amendments which play a role here. >> bill: you are going to do a poll. >> i will do a poll. >> bill: three to one against you. the question is do you respect the three to one.
5:26 am
>> yeah. it doesn't mean they are right, bill. >> bill: do you respect congress for passing a law. >> i respect them. but do you know what the most popular thing. >> bill: do you respect congress for passing a law. >> sometimes the most popular thing is a lynch mob in the town square but we don't do that either. >> bill: we can arrange it for you. >> we will put you in line and we will do itinging to. it will be fun. >> bill: i would stand in front of you. i would stand in front of that lynch mob. >> maybe you should go on trial first. >> bill: mary katharine, this situation is hurting barack obama. he has to know it. yet he goes on with katie couric, and, instead, god, i don't know why he doesn't hire me as his advisor. say, you know, i thought about it, and we have got to get it out of there. therefore, you know, the people go yeah, there is a level-headed guy, but he doesn't do it. so i will give you the last word on it? >> look, there is a lawful way to do this. the congress has written the law. you can do a military tribunal. it's cheaper. you don't to bring the symbol of 9/11 back into new york city where it's going to cost a billion dollars to give him
5:27 am
justice. by justice means we are definitely going to convict the guy fanned we don't we are going to throw him in jail. i don't see how that works. >> bill: that's justice in the process. we are looking forward to that poll in the news day column. >> i will do the column. i want you to sign that justice isn't supposed to be fought a vote. there is principles here. come on in. come on in. come on in. >> bill: wouldn't you like to slap him. >> amendment 4, 5. should i list them all? 6, 7. >> bill: factor moves along this evening. tremendous story involving the new orleans saints. comments on the super bowl winner. then, bernie goldberg will run down the super bowl commercials. the good, the bad, and the stupid. >> paper or plastic? >> plastic. >> macy the magic word. green police. you picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem plastic boy. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned to those
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, the wife of south carolina governor mark sanford has written a book. it's not a pretty story as you know the governor was unfaithful. embarrassing his entire family and his state. with us now gretchen carlson who spoke with mrs. sanford. but before we get to that you said i'm too tough tonight, huh? >> i was a little nervous coming out here. you have been really angry tonight. >> bill: you think i'm an angry guy tonight. >> don't take it out on me. >> bill: guys attacking bill sammon. ellis saying despite passing a law. you have got to get riled up. >> i understand. >> bill: i hate this story. i never would have covered it if you hadn't done the interview
5:31 am
with mrs. sanford. was it uneasy for you to talk about this stuff. >> not at all. i think a lot of women can relate to what may have happened in this whole story. >> bill: men can relate, too. it's not just one-way this stuff. this stuff cuts both way. >> of course it does. i think that women cheered on jenny sanford originally because she was the anti-political wife who has been wronged who did not stand up at his side when he gave his press conference. i think initially a lot of women cheered her on as a result of that. the book though is a dichotomy. here you have a brilliant woman, who was the first female partner in an investment firm in new york city who gives it up all and then goes, in many cases, into a sacrificial position in a marriage for 20 years. you have a very private woman who then has a tell-all book. so i see her as a dichotomy. >> bill: here is a clip of carlson talking to mrs. sanford. >> i still hear you speak so well of him after everything that's happened. and almost to a certain extent
5:32 am
blaming yourself for what happened? >> no. i don't blame myself. i wouldn't have the peace about me right now if i did blame myself. i empathize with how he kind of got lost. he got off track. so i can empathize with it. that doesn't make it right. >> bill: okay. now, what is the worthiness of writing the book? why did she say she did it? you know, these things as i said are very embarrassing to the family. they have five boys? >> they have four boys. >> bill: four boys. why perpetuate it? everybody knows what happens and they make their own decision on that. >> the majority of the book is not about the affair. >> bill: but it brings attention to it. >> but the majority of the book is about her relationship with mark sanford and how they made together for politician. >> bill: why? >> for women. the intent of this book was to show women how she made it through. the title of the book is "staying true." she hopes to inspire other women. >> bill: women in the same position. i'm going to bring men in again. people in the same position
5:33 am
whose spouse has been disloyal can learn from this book how to cope with it. that's why she says she wrote it. >> yes and also in tough situations in general to go back to the things that make you who you are. for jenny sanford it's faith and family and friends. you know, keep in mind, she did not want to be the downfall for the governor. so many people said why didn't she leave earlier in the relationship? she wanted to be true to her soul is what she told me today. >> bill: there is a report that she even would have reconciled here if boundaries would have been established but the guy is such a moron or pinhead or whatever you want to call him. >> that's exactly right. she said to herself then, you know what? i have done everything that i possibly can for my children and for this marriage. >> bill: look, i have no beef with this woman. i'm just curious about why she wants to be in the public eye. it's such a heart-breaking story. particularly for the four boys. you know? what's who, in these kind of messy, terrible situations, children always get hammered. >> right. and now it's up to her to make
5:34 am
sure that their character is -- >> bill: i wasn't mean to you. you all right? >> i can take it, o'reilly. >> bill: we will see gretchen on culture warriors on thursday. when we come back bernie goldberg on the super bowl ads. a lot to talk about, including the tim tebow controversy. what did you think about that? bernie is next. ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. on the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, while i was down in south florida over the weekend, i met tim tebow. very nice guy as you might expect. as you may know, mr. tebow and his mom were center stage in the super bowl ad deal. we will get to that in a moment. first, let's bring in bernie goldberg from miami with a number of ads he would like to talk about. so we will begin on an upnote, here is bernie's selection for the funniest advertisement. go. >> sorry about last night. >> i just don't understand why you didn't call. >> well, i was on etrade, donna fiduciaing my portfolio, taking control of like a wolf. >> right. that's volatility in the market, taking care of, wolf-style. [howling] >> and that milk aalcoholic lindsey wasn't over? >> lindsey? >> milk-a-what? >> build a donnadiversified
5:38 am
portfolio. >> i have got to read the quotes. as funny as i think that add was. their reaction is much funnier. this is from the media, the women's media center. they had a discussion about it. one feminist said, i swear i'm not making this up. babies -- this ad was about babies who are having affairs and cheating on each other. right? another pinhead feminist said so let me get this straight. the ad is about not the sexualization of women and girls in the media but the sexization of babies in the media. they have taken it one step further. will it ever stop? yeah, it will stop when these morons go away. that's when it will stop. >> bill: they ever never going to go away. i get your point. you can't do anything at all cute or anything like that without getting hammered. all right. now, the strangest commercial
5:39 am
during the super bowl was this one. go. [cheers] >> this is the worst super bowl party ever. >> now, dave, be nice. >> he is just saying that because i'm here. >> he is just saying that because i'm here. >> bill: that's a 15-second spot for letterman show that leno, who is going to be competing for letterman coming up in a few weeks again. >> right. >> bill: participates in. what is that? >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know. it's 15 seconds. and after the 15 seconds, i said wait a second, did i just see an ad where leno is helping plug david letterman show, and, and did i just watch the where letterman is helping bring his competitor, leno, back to life. all i could figure out, bill, is that they only care about the buzz. as long as people are talking about it, they both win. >> bill: maybe. >> it struck me as very odd.
5:40 am
>> bill: and, you know, they had to fly. in leno flew in on the nbc corporate jet according to reports. >> right. >> bill: nbc knew about it and actually let him and why oprah did this, i have no idea. but there you go. the next one is the most confusing advertisement during the super bowl. go. >> for me. >> plastic? that's the magic word. green police. you picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy ♪ the green police >> battery. let's go. take the house. come on. >> put the rine down. that's compost. >> you are good to go, sir ♪ the green police ♪ police, police ♪ the green police. >> good afternoon, officers. are those styrofoam cups you are drinking from? >> yeah. >> please step out of the cup. >> bill: why you would buy a german automobile based on that, i don't know. i guess that's your beef, right?
5:41 am
>> my beef is i am so confused i'm not sure if this is my favorite commercial or least favorite commercial. if they're making fun of the environmental wackos, you know, who probably really do want to arrest you if you don't recycle or use plastic bags or whatever, then i love the commercial. but as i was watching it, bill, i'm saying to myself, wait a second, this is the kind of america we are sort of heading to with this encroaching nanny state that we live in. i felt real uncomfortable. i especially felt uncomfortable that the germans were making it. >> bill: but i don't get what the green car does or is. i don't get anything like that. if they want to sell me an expensive automobile, you have got to tell me what's the automobile is all about and why i should buy it and not have a bunch of guys running around in a satirical situation. i think it's dumb. neither bernie nor o'reilly understand this spot. okay. now, here is bernie's worst
5:42 am
advertisement yesterday. go. >> when i first started, i was like casual fridays, awesome. >> good morning. >> i have kind of changed my position a little. i mean people want to express themselves, i am right there with you. >> hi. >> hey, terry. >> we have decided to make casual fridays all week. [cheers] >> if it's mandatory, you can't be casual. >> nice pants, terry. >> expose yourself to something better. career builder. start building. >> bill: okay, again, now i'm not getting what career builder does or is. i just see people running around in their underwear for no apparent reason. >> i don't need to see those people running around in their underwear. that's enough for me to make it the worst commercial of yesterday's super bowl. i don't need to see those people in their underpants, really. >> bill: i think you are right in the sense. >> please, please.
5:43 am
go to black or something. >> bill: let's put esthetics aside for a second and the feminist are going to get mad at that shot. let's just put it aside. what these companies are paying, what, $2 million for 30-second spot? what they are paying for is for people to remember their product. all right? to remember it. because that's the key to any sales. you see it, you remember it. i will tell you what, i don't even remember the name of that web site and i only saw it 30 seconds ago. all i remember is what you remember, the underwear people. i don't remember the name of the web site. >> i know. there are a lot of commercials on television, not just on the super bowl, that are like that though. you watch it and you say what are they trying to sell me? i don't get it. sometimes i really feel out of it, to be perfectly honest with you. i don't get a lot of commercials these days and i'm very hip, bill, as you know. >> bill: i know. they don't come hipper than you,
5:44 am
bernie. you live in miami. you walk down south beach. >> very cool. >> bill: they are saying things that i don't understand in spanish to you. >> right. >> bill: you are beyond hip. but, overall now, you watch the exposition and i think there were enough commercials in that whole six hour spread. i think there were enough, we were amused, entertained, depressed. what was the word for bernie goldberg through the whole thing? >> well, i think, while there was some funny ones like the betty white thing that a lot of people liked and some of the dorito ones i thought were funny. but overall there was nothing that reached the level of like the mean joe green ad of years ago. >> bill: yeah, poignant. >> where joe gave the kid a jersey after the kid gave him a coke. certainly nothing like the original apple ad. but that's a classic in a class all by itself. so i thought it was okay. but i did think the game was better than most of the commercials for a change. >> bill: going to bring bernie back for a moment because we want to run you the tim tebow ad
5:45 am
in case you didn't see it. very controversial. i will have some thoughts on the new orleans saints which is a great american story. those reports after these messages.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. during the super bowl the world finally got to see the controversial ad starring tim tebow and his mom. >> i call him my miracle baby. he almost didn't make it into this world. i can remember so many times when i almost lost him. it was so hard. well, he is all grown up now and i still worry about his health. you know, with all our family has been through, we have to be tough. timmy, we are trying to tell our story here. >> sorry about that mom. ♪ >> you still worry about me,
5:49 am
mom? >> yeah. you are not nearly as tough as i am. >> bill: rejoining us from miami, fox news analyst bernie goldberg. the back story is that mrs. tebow was ill in the philippines and the doctors recommended she abort the baby because she's was going to have complications delivering. she did not. the rest is history. and that caused the -- i don't know how to describe these groups. let's just say it's not pro life -- pro-choice so much. it's beyond that pro-choice people are having a problem with that it's really into the hard core you better see it our way or else. they didn't like it add all. you say what? >> i say if you didn't know there was a controversy before you saw the ad, you wouldn't even think about a controversy. it wasn't preachy. it wasn't in your face. it was, and this is a word i rarely use, i thought it was sweet. i mean, i thought it was a sweet commercial. >> bill: but somebody watching it, somebody who had come to the united states to watch the game and didn't know the controversy
5:50 am
wouldn't know really what mrs. tebow was talking about, would have had to have gone to the focus on the family web site to find out and i think that's what focus on the family wanted, to drive people to the web site. >> that's right. >> bill: which is a pro life web site. >> fair enough. but here is what i am guessing most of the people watching us don't know about. and, again, i swear to you, this is for real. you saw tim tackle his mother. >> bill: yeah. >> terry o'neil, the president of the national organization for women, not just a regular member, the president said, i am blown away at the celebration of violence against women in that commercial. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> bill: i'm going to play that sound bite in pinheads and patriots. i will play the entire sound bite. >> the same women's media center. this is from a woman you have on the show from time to time. jehmu greene. she said that the ad showed an
5:51 am
undercurrent of violence against women. this is violence against intelligence. you know, remember when fonzie was out water skiing and he jumped the shark and that became an expression of that's it, you have gone too far? these feminists have jumped the shark. i mean, they are not serious people. you cannot take them seriously anymore. and they are going to have something to complain about one of these days that is legitimate who and who is going to listen to these bose zoes bozos like this tackle his mother. he didn't really tackle her. this is an example of violence against women? my god, this is nuts. that's my analysis. this is nuts. >> bill: it is a trend. peta does it the animal rights people. they do it. if you have a pressure group and you have a group that sees the world in a certain way, you are going to find a reason. you are going to find a reason to attack anybody who doesn't see it your way. and this is what we are trying
5:52 am
to get across that it's becoming more and more extreme because that, as you said, that tim tebow ad was just sweet. it had nothing to do with anything other than here's my story. if you would like to hear it, go to this web site. i think that's what america is all about. at least it used to be. bernie, we appreciate it once again, we are going to play that sound bited coming up. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring the new orleans saints and the feminist bernie was referring to. stick around for p. and p. you will not be disappointed. right back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
. bill: time for pinheads and patriots. i was wrong on my super bowl prediction, first time in years. new orleans saints were brilliant on the field yesterday. quarterback drew brees dominated the game. isn't that cute his son there? s this a great american story. a team that had never won much of anything becoming the super bowl champs. representing a city making a hard fought comeback. we salute the saints and the good people of the gulf coast they are patriots. pinhead front reacting to the tim tebow ad, president terry o'neil octobered to the tackling sequence. >> what i saw was a pro violence against women message not the sort of thing that cbs
5:55 am
can be proud of surely. isn't it interesting that the ad connects male happiness with violating, -- committing violence against a woman? it's really a disturbing message when you think about it. pin bill: pinhead? you make the call. buy a signed copy of bold fresh get an american patriot pen free, i'm using one now. promotion is a huge success allowing us to step up the charitable giving so thank you all very much. brenda: wow, laura ingram doesn't get the time you gave those cheerleaders. you must have a broken watch. it was longer than the business of cheering for the nfl. brian: bernie goldberg doesn't get
5:56 am
it. the black woman who wrote a soul food menu for blast history month shame,. what is the world coming to will they ban menus that say corned beef and cabbage on st. patrick's day? lynn: i believe the president's comments about cable news being a diversion are themselves a diversion he wants to control the conversation. you are right, but almost every politician wants to do that and cable news is a threat to that control which is why we have the con remembers . richard: i believe president obama got it right about the cable news echo chamber. example, bill talks to jon stewart the media reacts to this nonevent. misguided richard the media reacted to an honest conversation about politics intersecting with tv news, you don't think it is worth it? don't watch. judging on the size of the
5:57 am
audience you could be wrong. by the way, we have a bill o' poll asking you to grade that a to f. we will give you results tomorrow. olivia: mr. o, my husband slept through avatar. but watched you and beck without nodding out. and we weren't even painted blue. i'm taking that as a compliment 0 -- 0 live your husband i believe is a hardworking guy. you work and go to this avatar, six hours long or something? it is long, that's what happens. kimberly: mr. o'reilly we had a girl's night out in alabama. my 21-year-old daughter said she was pumped throughout the show. good thanks for taking the time. david: bill, you commented that the u.s.a. should run haiti until it gets back on its feet. who is going to run america until it get back on its feet?
5:58 am
i believe president obama is in charge now mate. mind the sundown there. that is the fox news factor website with the talking points. then you can e-mail with us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. o' here's the word of the day, do not be a popinjay. we've used it enough, you should know it. you should have memorized it. that's it for us today. i am bill o'reilly we hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪
5:59 am
>> quick and ready and here we are. it's tuesday, february 9, 2010. thank you for sharing your time this morning. she was scorned. she was embarrassed in public by her cheating husband. south carolina governor mark sanford. should jenny sanford have known? >> a lot of these signs seem to appear almost immediately even before you were married that maybe mark sanford wasn't in this marriage as you thought he might have been originally. >> my exclusive interview with jenny sanford straight ahead. >> meanwhile, the east coast still covered in snow. and getting ready for storm number 2. how bad will this one be and who's going to get hit the hardest? we are live on the streets with the lowdown and welcome back to the studio, brian kilmeade. >> thanks, steve. i'll give you this lowdown. plus have you seen this? the mysterious sign is real. but who paid for it? there was a rumor


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